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Addiction, Cell Oxygen, Depression, EFT Tapping, Family Health, Fatigue, Happiness, Harmony, Health, Health Secrets, Inner peace, Meditation, Mental - Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Natural Disease Treatments, Positive Attitude, Recovery, Self-Help, Stress Management, Stress Relief

EFT Tapping Create Abundance and Gratitute Affirmations with David Childerley

EFT Tapping is a method of changing unwanted behaviors and to create new beliefs and behaviors within yourself. This video is one of my favorites by David Childerley at it includes healing your body and mind, being grateful for what you have and for creating an abundant happy life. In order to change negative behaviors and inner mind message that sabotage a person new habits and new thoughts need to be created. I watch this video several times a week for inspiration and clearing out the old limiting believes that can send me into depression and negative behaviors.