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Creating new Healthy Habits for eating, exercising and depression!

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We all get stuck in ruts and have times when it is hard to motivate ourselves. How do we keep the interest, create new healthy habits and keep eating foods that are good for us when there is so many bad food choices and it is easier to watch a movie then to exercise? I’ve been in a holding pattern and not doing my exercise and eating too much sugar. I go through this when STRESS enters my life and people that I love try to manipulate me or a death in the family. I recently lost my father and cat of 28 years. So fighting off the depression has been a challenge. The POSITIVE is that I do continue to eat healthy foods mixed in with the bad ones and I keep up with deep breathing meditations for lots of great oxygen to circulate through my system.

I love food, especially veggies and fruits, so I create lots of tasty combinations and do the 6 small meals per day to keep me from grabbing a bag of chips or carton of ice cream. It helps that I snack on small pieces of  85% dark chocolate or Cacoa Nibs – YUM and Almonds are a good snack too.

I have been upping my Vitamin B Stress supplements and Vitamin D as well, I have found through the years that I need more of these just to keep myself from going down the road of doom and gloom.

The challenge is the exercise – which is one of the best things I have found for fighting off the depression. I am looking focusing on creating new habits to try and help me get motivated. I find that I have to up my ratio of happy tunes and movies or shows so that I don’t fall deeper into depression. I have found that using the MaxT3 surge system can be done in small increments of time so that you are on 20 seconds off 20 seconds and you can start with just 5 minutes a day. So currently my goal is to motivate myself and to not expect myself to do more than 5 minutes a day and if I do more great! Part of creating new goals and Healthy Habits is to know when you are expecting more from yourself than you can give. If I set a goal and fail at it, it only adds to the depression and makes me want to eat more Sugar. So I try not to set myself up to fail. But the big question still is what new way can I motivate myself to get off the couch and move my body when the stress/depression has me so tired that all I want to do is sleep. Sometimes a buddy system helps where I help each other because it’s not all about me. I think I will call my buddy and ask her to give me that verbal butt kick to get me moving.

Do You Have Any Suggestions? What are your ways to motivate yourself and create new habits I’d love to hear them! Love, Light and Happiness to you all have a great day/night!


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