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Exercise – oxygen flowing – body – brain – health

on July 3, 2012

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Exercise can lower blood pressure, relieve stress creating happiness hormones, as we all know it also helps us to loose weight and build muscles. They have used exercise for treatment of depression, cancer, arthritis and joint problems, muscle tension, osteoporosis, traumatic stress, lowers hight blood pressure, boosts energy, improves your sex life and your mood. So how can you loose, it only offers you lots of benefits (unless of course you over exercise and don’t do warm ups, you could pull a muscle or too).

Check out this Upper Overhead Shoulder Press exercise from Maximized Living, with their Surge training 20 seconds on 20 seconds off program, you get Maximized Results in Minimized time!  

Upper Flyset Press exercise

More Quickset exercises from Maximized living:

Click here to check out the MaxT3 exercise DVDs or here to find out more about MaxT3 exercising.



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