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Pets – Joy and Happiness

on April 3, 2012

Pets can be a source of Joy and Happiness. These 3 Tristan Valentino, Little Miss Lily Patches and Tatiana Valencia are my babies and bring me numerous moments of Love, Joy, and Happiness. I can’t help but put a smile on my face when little Tati does what I call her moon walkin dance, she is also my caretaker worrier dog and checks on me if I am sick. Lily is my guardian and sleeps by me at night and Tristan is Mr. Macho man, but not so macho he loves his tummy rubbed and lots of treats. They offer lots of love and joy, it’s hard to be unhappy when they greet you at the door with their little smiling faces. Caring about animals helps us to care more about ourselves. Pets may not be for everyone, but there are numerous things that can bring someone joy and purpose – find out what that is for you and be good to yourself and bring yourself some joy and happiness!


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