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Eliminate Sugars to loose weight, fight off disease, fatigue and depression!


It sounds simple – but can be a challenge for many. I am personal living proof that reducing and/or eliminating sugar from your diet helps with loosing weight and fighting off virus’, fatigue and depression. I have proven time and time again to myself and others that when I am eating lots of sugar items and grains/rices (they turn into sugar in your system) that I can go into depression – feel exhausted and fatigued all day – go into depression (especially in the winter months). You can eat berries, granny smith apples, almond butter with bits of cacao as snacks while getting the majority of sugar out of your system. It takes a good 2-4 weeks of eliminating sugars and grains for your system to recoup from all the sugar abuse that it has done to your system. Fresh veggies/salads/unwiches are great alternatives and provide lots of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


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