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Cynthia’s Health Hut – Welcome!

Hi I’m Cynthia and I have created this website “Cynthia’s Health Hut” to promote healthy ways of living. I have suffered with depression, addictions, obsessive compulsive habits, under weight and over weight issues most of my life. I am finding healthier ways to live and want to share what I have found and will be finding with as many people as I can. This will be a work in progress and I look forward to sharing and hearing your healthy tips also! ;-))

4 thoughts on “Cynthia’s Health Hut – Welcome!”

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Great question! We talk about anything that is healthy and I use pure peppermint oils for my stress headaches. Do you have some recommendations, if so post the webpage link. If not we can look at some to recommend.

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