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A Gift of Health from Beyond Organic

on July 26, 2012

A Gift of Health from Beyond Organic

Gift of Health

Nothing shows how much you care like giving the Gift of Health. Whether you are looking for a great gift option for a friend or family member or you want to introduce someone to Beyond Organic in a premium and convenient way, the Gift of Health is a perfect solution. The Gift of Health is a great selection of some of Beyond Organic’s tastiest and healthiest options, shipped directly to the person of your choice. The Gift of Health is also a great value. You get 2 free books and a magazine sent along with your order – over $100 value for just $69.95.
What’s included in the Package?

•6 bars Beyond Organic Chocolate
•1 lb. of GreenFed™ Raw Cheddar Cheese
•1 bottle of AMASAI™ Raspberry
•1 bottle of AMASAI™ Milk & Honey
•1 bottle of AMASAI™ Plain
•1 bottle of Reign™ Awaken Botanical Infusion
•2 bottles of Reign™ Fruit Botanical Infusion
•1 bottle of Suero Viv™ Orange Cinnamon
•1 bottle of Suero Viv™ Raspberry Lemonade
•1 bottle of Suero Viv™ Citrus
•2 Live Beyond Organic Books (Free Bonus)
•1 Beyond Organic Living Magazine (Free Bonus)
•1 Personal Notecard

• NEW Reusable Cooler Bag.


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